Celebrating completion of Goodman, IAG, TMCo collaboration – Targeting 5-5.5 Star NABERSNZ

Mike Baker led the energy modelling of the 7,500m2 building at 14 Show Place resulting in a full HVAC, lighting and BMS upgrade that looks to save the tenant, IAG, $60,000 in running costs per year.

The project has been designed to achieve a 5 -5.5 star NABERSNZ rating (market leading energy efficiency).

A revolutionary lighting and air conditioning system has been designed and installed with full heat recovery, DALI LED lighting systems, occupancy and daylight harvesting sensing, heat pump pre-heat for showers and a new BMS with dash-boarding to tie the system together and show the occupants how well the building is performing.

This project was finished on time and in budget.

See the video clip below.

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