Congratulations New Associate Directors

Change is something that is our constant. Nothing ever stays the same.

12 years ago there was no such thing as TMCo. Now look at where we are. We have a very strong reputation and an even stronger forward workload. This has happened because we have embraced change and actually been part of the change process ourselves. We push the norms. We aren’t afraid to try new things and take risks. We strive to be better continuously.

It is very exciting to announce the appointment of Colin, Jacobus, Harry and Lubos as associate directors.

Fire engineering HoD, Harry Shaw, has grown the fire team into a thriving, profitable nationwide team. He brings a strong reputational boost to TMCo with so many projects of government significance. He has developed and run nationwide training with James Winterbourne on passive fire.

Auckland manager and chartered electrical engineer, Colin Henderson, leads the Auckland office which is expanding and growing allowing us to deliver an ever increasing high level of service to the Auckland market – including fire in a few weeks. His pastoral care is evident in the way that he deals with staff and his considered and experienced previous business ownership skills serve TMCo well.

Queenstown manager and chartered mechanical engineer, Jacobus Grant, has shown a tremendous ability to manage many clients, many projects, staff, and delivery times, all with a smile and is a testament to the strong work ethic and unflappable, can-do attitude that he demonstrates daily. With Jacobus managing the Queenstown office and much of the services delivery overall we are in a strong position to continue to deliver what our clients need.

Civil engineering HoD, Lubos Smrcka, has been at TMCo from nearly the start and now runs a formidable team of civil engineers on some really impressive projects. He has an ability to generate strong working relationships with clients and contractors and other consulting partners.

These four joining the management of TM will bring a new flavour into the company and a stronger ability to deliver to our clients and to best manage the practice. They will take time to find their feet and niche around the table and I look forward to seeing what they can bring, their ideas, aspirations for company direction.

It is important in all of this that we maintain our positive culture and agile way of working with our clients.

We will remain a fun and supportive place to work. A place of respect and development. A place where we commit to pursuing looking after the earth and the people within it.

These four will lead us further into those goals as they work hard to serve you and make our place of work even better.

Congratulations Lubos, Colin, Jacobus and Harry!

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