Greenstar Rating Tool Review

Green Star V3 was the first major review of the Green Star rating tool suite since 2009. As with every building rating system, it is important to refresh the tool to ensure Green Star is up to date and meeting industry needs.

The Green Star V3 tool development involved reviewing issues with the current tools, anticipating the future direction of the construction section and consultation with the industry. The review focus on four key categories: Innovation, Energy. Water and Materials.

Vanessa McGrath, previously the Manager of Rating Tools at the NZ Green Building Council, was responsible for managing the new tools development and ensuring the credits achieved a balance between improved environmental outcomes and the markets ability to achieve these outcomes. The tool needed to be challenging but not unattainable. The Green Star tools are aimed to reward best practice and need to be accessible to a range of buildings not just the top end. Vanessa managed this balance well in the Green Star V3 tool suite.

The tool review took a year and resulted in the new Green Star V3 tool suite being launched in July 2015.

Vanessa has significant experience working within the sustainability field within the construction sector.

She is uniquely positioned to provide advice on developing sustainable buildings and where desired, to assist in achieving building ratings. Her extensive experience in this area can assist project teams to achieve and develop their projects with a reduced environmental impact and receive accreditation for their efforts.

Contact Mike Baker or Vanessa McGrath for more information on Greenstar and NABERSNZ.