Indonesia Residence

This home is a beautifully secure sanctuary that provides the highest levels of security under various conditions.

The systems enable the property to operate completely independently when needed and comes complete with internal recreation facilities, movie theatre, chapel, library, offices, gymnasium, etc.

→   TMCo have completed the fully detailed building services package, electrical, pool water systems, fresh water supply and treatment from local bores and the onsite wastewater treatment systems.

→   The air conditioning is hidden from view but gently regulates both temperature and humidity.

→   Back-up generator is critical and has been designed and specified by TMCo to operate during high security conditions.

→   The client sought out TMCo from our reputation in serving other high-profile clients.

→   TMCo will be on site in Indonesia 2.5 weeks per month for 18 months to closely monitor construction against NZ codes, once COVID lifts.