Mangawhai House in a Sand Dune

Greenfield site designed with inhabited dune, courtyard for shelter and extended roof plane. All services were designed to be hidden, not noticed and not felt with clean and clear architectural features that could not be interrupted.

→   Completion: 2020/21

→   TMCo have completed the fully detailed building services package, electrical, security, pool water systems, fresh water supply and treatment including firefighting water and the onsite wastewater treatment systems .

→   The air conditioning systems feature conditioned air systems with post heat and cooling occurring at trench heater and in-wall concealed water-based fan coil units – the reticulation of which runs fully concealed, silently and coordinated below the raised floor. The air conditioning is not seen, nor noticed for this residence of the highest quality.

→    Ventilation systems were designed to hold back the elements (blown sand) and to last through specialist coatings to plant to mitigate the corrosive effects of high levels of sea salt air.