Energy in Buildings

As energy costs increase prudency in energy usage is paramount to running an efficient business. All of this is based around good building services design right from the building orientation and the thermal envelope to the actual mechanical, electrical and hydraulic services and just as critically, their control system utilised within the building. TM Consultants are your expert partners in this field offering you the benefits of the latest modelling software and their technical expertise backed up by significant experience in projects from conceptual ideas through to the final commissioned handover.

 For Existing Buildings:

TM Consultants specialise in robust and effective engineering systems that will improve your asset and will provide significantly lower energy costs with realistic payback periods. We can assess the systems in place and give options on energy savings. These might include:
  • Installing new/alternative plant – especially for domestic hot water heating in high use applications (say adding a large heat pump to the existing boiler setup in a hotel)
  • Changes to plant room configurations (maybe the current setup is not ideal)
  • Alterations to the way the building is managed
  • Reviewing and improving power and gas supplies, their tariffs and setups

 For New Buildings:

We provide all the options for the major energy users (space and water, heating and cooling, ventilation, controls, electrical), including the pros and cons, capital and running costs, EECA funding and payback period comparisons of each option. This allows you to make an informed decision resulting in no nasty surprises. We then design these systems for optimal layouts and efficient use of space. Part of this includes 3D modelling using Archicad (the programme most architects use) which gives you a huge advantage as we are modelling within the architect’s actual model. Coordination does not get better than this resulting in much reduced variations during construction and the dollar savings are passed onto you. Members on our team were involved in the design of the highest Greenstar rated building in NZ, the Christchurch City Council 6 star Greenstar Civic Building, showing our proficiency energy-wise, and prudency in striking the right balance in efficient systems versus capital outlay considerations for the client. TM Consultants are currently designing the building services systems for the new Kaikoura Civic Building – a building that aims to be largely passive in its operation. Thermal building performance modelling and electrical systems modelling play a key role in ensuring the building will work well.

When Will You Benefit By Involving Us?

  • When you need objective, independent and expert advice on options available.
  • At any time where running costs are important.
  • At any time where maintenance costs are important.
  • When the existing system requires a review.
  • When there is an issue with existing plant that will require some capital expenditure to repair/recondition it.
  • When major plant is nearing the end of its economic life.
  • At the outset of a new project – the importance of spatial planning on a site is often lost with respect to services by architects and planners which can restrict your plant options. Large heat pumps and boilers really need to be included in the resource consent application for a new building as urban design panels have a major influence on what can be placed where and again, their uninformed decisions can lead to major cost implications further down the project.


Mike Baker is your building services and energy engineering expert. He provides specialist training throughout New Zealand in energy systems and efficient design and is an IPENZ technical area assessor.