Colin Henderson

Associate, Auckland Manager, Senior Electrical Engineer

Colin is the Auckland Manager and a senior chartered electrical engineer.

Has been an Electrical Engineer since 1994 with continuous experience mostly in the commercial and industrial sectors, both in New Zealand and London.

He brings his skills in the consulting world partnered with experience gained from his own property refurbishment and management company – experiences that provide strong insight into what property owners’ needs are.

→   Spark Building, Christchurch

Colin prepared the Greenstar electrical credits for the new Spark building in Christchurch. He was awarded a Greenstar credit interpretation request (CIR) for the use of environmental lighting design as per AS/NZS1680.1. This acknowledged the benefits of employing a lighting design that is customised to the space and has greater energy efficiency.  Colin’s extensive experience in electrical design ensured maximum Greenstar credit ratings to be achieved for the project.

→   HEB Offices

Colin was the lead electrical engineer, designing the lighting, power and communications systems for the new HEB offices in Auckland. The design required careful consideration of existing power supply restrictions which was successfully managed despite a number of challenges.

Colin employed an environmental lighting design methodology by lighting vertical surfaces, where available, to create comfortable ambient spaces. Colin worked closely with the architect to incoprate specific architectural lighting whilst maintaining relevant lighting standards. The project was delivered on time and within budget and resulted in a high end office fitout.

→   Rolleston Town Centre Infrastructure

Colin is the lead electrical engineer for the electrical infrastructure and road lighting throughout the new Rolleston Town Centre development. This includes multiple HV/V transformers supplying LV reticulation to the many buildings within the development. Colin also designed the road and pedestrian lighting for the surrounding roads, working with stakeholders to achieve compliance with NZTA M30 guidelines.

→   Rolleston Library

Colin is the lead electrical engineer for the new Rolleston Library. His ability to interpret client expectations resulted in innovative lighting and power design solutions. A specific environmental lighting design philosophy was adopted to ensure maximum comfort and usability for the occupiers. Subtle ambient light was achieved by washing vertical surfaces, and a filament effect provided night-time illumination.

Qualifications: BE (Elec)Hons, NZCE(Elec), CPEng