100 Moorhouse Ave (5.5* NABERSNZ), Christchurch

TMCo were engaged to provide energy modelling, BMS design, services review and to achieve a NABERSNZ base build rating. Following 12 months of occupation post building completion, the base building rating is certified as 5.5 stars, which means Market Leading performance. This is the first base build NABERSNZ rating in the South Island and was read more

Metropolis, Auckland

Metropolis is a 40-storey, $180m, residential/hotel skyscraper in Auckland. Metropolis is considered one of Auckland’s most exclusive apartment buildings, and as of 2017 it is the tallest residential building in New Zealand. The electrical, mechanical and hydraulic team set out to assess the existing building and provide over 25kWh/m2/annum energy savings through the use of read more

Woolston Tannery, Christchurch

This project included converting the existing Woolston tannery industrial buildings into a new boutique retail and hospitality complex. The main building in this complex contains approximately 35 separate tenants spread across a floor area of approximately 4,200 sq.m with common carpark areas. The client had a tight deadline for this project; a shortage of retail read more

Cramner Gardens, Christchurch

TMCO provided full building services design on electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and energy modelling. The building consists of a basement car park, and four floors of a total of 39 high quality, separately unit titled apartments and is an earthquake rebuild project. EECA funding covered modelling and façade design advice, meaning comfortable conditions could be maintained read more

Greenstar Rating Tool Review

Green Star V3 was the first major review of the Green Star rating tool suite since 2009. As with every building rating system, it is important to refresh the tool to ensure Green Star is up to date and meeting industry needs. The Green Star V3 tool development involved reviewing issues with the current tools, read more

83 Victoria Street, Christchurch

83 Victoria Street was the first major commercial development TMCo completed following the Christchurch earthquakes. TMCo provided the basebuild and also the fitout fully detailed design of the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and energy systems. Energy modelling managed to bridge the gap between developer and tenant by simultaneously achieving CapEx saving for the developers and an OpEx saving read more

104 Victoria Street, Christchurch

104 Victoria Street is one of several Richard Diver and Clearwater Construction partner projects that TMCo provided engineering services for, including government funded energy modelling. The modelling significantly reduced the size of the mechanical plant as the industry standard factors of safety used to oversize plant were not required. The result was a CapEx saving read more

Christchurch Adventure Park

This $20m+ adventure park is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. TMCo provided all civil infrastructure services, water tanks, pump stations, custom on site drainage treatment and disposal systems, as well as mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and lighting designs, plus resource consents. Amazingly the programmed design, construction and park opening was reduced from read more

123 Victoria Street, Christchurch

TMCo completed engineering services design work for this post-earthquake 10,000m² retail and office building. After consulting EECA, funding was provided for our Mechanical, Electrical and Energy team to detail energy efficient initiatives to reduce overall running costs whilst assessing the CAPEX and OPEX ramifications. Detailed thermal modelling analysis of the base building was completed which read more

Rendezvous Hotel, Christchurch

The Rendezvous Hotel is a 23 level, 171 unit hotel and apartment building standing as tallest building the South Island at 86m. Services director Mike Baker was responsible for the hydraulic services including the first bespoke aerator stack system installed in NZ. This significant reduced venting and saved construction time and cost by significantly reducing fire and read more

The Sentinel, Auckland

The Sentinel is a $60M luxury 30 level, 117 unit skyscraper standing 150m tall in Takapuna, Auckland. The electrical, mechanical and hydraulic team set out to assess the existing building and provide over 25kWh/m2/annum energy savings through the use of heat pump hot water, replacing fresh air tempering elements and LED lighting integrating dimming. To discuss read more